Communications Girl in an Engineering World

Often times we find ourselves walking down a path that is far different from what we had first imagined. I’ve never considered myself very “technical” in terms of my interests, but of course I now find myself working in a very technical environment. As a millennial, I grew up with Apple computers and iPhones, but that was the extent of it. I never learned how to write code or build websites, and I never thought about how or where my word documents went when I saved them.

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When I graduated from college I pursued Communications and Marketing, which is a world that I knew more about and had already experienced. I’ve always been more of a communicator, a connector, and an influencer. However, I find myself currently working in an Engineering organization within my company. At first, everything seemed to be over my head; all I knew was that communication was key.

Although the world of engineering was difficult for me to understand at first (trust me, I am still learning), I now find pride in the fact that I can have great conversations with all different types of people within engineering. Actually, I’ve found that all I need to do is communicate – ask questions, seek to understand, and be inquisitive. Yes, this world is very complex, but by reaching out to learn as much as I can from others I now have a huge appreciation for engineers and the work that they do.

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The level of respect that I have for the engineering community has grown immensely during my time at my current company. Not only are my colleagues working hard behind the curtain, but in my eyes I have recognized that they are the backbone of the company. As a communications girl in an engineering world, I am finding that it is my responsibility to accept the challenge to understand concepts that seem beyond my ability to understand. It is my hope, through interacting with each individual in my organization ( (regardless of our job functions), that we would learn a little bit about each other.

Nothing is beyond our comprehension; have the desire to learn from people. 


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