Our Bay Area Bucket List

For someone who loves to travel, experience new cultures, and is itching to Instagram that next beautiful foreign landscape shot, facing the reality that you cannot spend 5 weeks out of the year traveling the world feels one thing – the WORST. I’ve had some pretty terrible lows this year realizing that I do not have the time nor the money for a big international trip, which makes it even more painful when I scroll through my newsfeed each day to see my friends traveling through Thailand, Peru, Canada, and parts of Europe.

My husband laughs at me each day when I bring up our next big trip because I consistently have at least 5 trips planned in my head at one time. And he knows I’m serious 😉

In addition to my need for travel (all the time), I am a total ESFJ: I love making lists and checking things off to feel that sense of accomplishment. The pairing of these two aspects of my life left me feeling like I needed to do something, especially seeing as I wouldn’t be flying to Bali, Japan, Greece, or Norway this year.

We moved to the San Francisco Bay Area almost 1 year ago, and I’ve been happily overwhelmed with the amount of things to do here! To satisfy my need for exploration, we created a “Bay Area Bucket List” filled with activities, restaurants, and experiences that we could partake in within 50 miles of where we live today. Thanks to many friends and family, we have a great list, and it’s growing! Below, you can see our list, and a few of the activities we have already crossed off. I’ve been so happy this year slowly crossing items off the list. IMG_1185

Bucket lists are a great alternative to traveling that helps you do one very important thing – love the place you live!

PS – Feel free to comment and let us know if you have any ideas for bucket list items!


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