Travel: Central Oregon Coast

“Unexpected adventure makes for a better story.” -Unknown

We didn’t plan for the Central Oregon Coast originally. To be honest, Crater Lake was my first choice – closer in location and guaranteed to be beautiful. When plans changed, as they often do in life, I looked at Oregon and picked a new spot on the map, which happened to be along the coastline, and we went for it! Our long weekend quickly approached, and me and all of my travel companions happily took a Friday off and started to make the 10 hour trek to meet with our friends from College. That alone was worth the trip for me, but our experience exploring Sunset Bay State Park was one I’ll never forget. It was that unexpected adventure.

Our campground was clean, friendly, and ideal considering that I found it doing some basic research on the internet! There was no better way to spend our first evening together on the coast than by playing Spikeball on the beach – well, learning how to play. The beach was a gorgeous little inlet with cliffs surrounding us on almost every side, and was just a 2 minute walk from our site.

We spent one whole day hiking the Oregon Coast Trail, which began at our beach and extended for four miles south along the coastline. It was truly one of the most magical and wonderful experiences, with stunning surprises around every turn. With sweeping views of the cliffside and ocean, a rock formation full of SEALS, deer sightings, giant evergreens, and a garden that looked like my depiction of heaven, I was in awe.


Oregon, I was blown away and completely surprised by you. What a wonderful adventure.


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