Travel: San Francisco

Love the place you live.

Last Summer we put pen to paper and wrote down all of the fun activities and towns to explore in the San Francisco Bay Area (check out our Our Bay Area Bucket List). Since we created this list, we have had a great time checking everything off! More recently I also decided to kick off 2017 with a “Food Bucket List” and slowly eat my way through the Bay Area thanks to the recommendations of my wonderful foodie friends.

Favorite Destinations

Point Reyes: Visiting Point Reyes was one of the first items that we checked off our bucket list as it came highly recommended by a friend. Before we drove along the coast, we drove to Point Reyes Station, explored the little downtown area, and visited Heidrun Meadery. Heidrun is the only place in the world that makes its mead via the champagne process. It was fascinating to take a tour of their small factory, and learn about how mead is made! Did you know that mead is a honey based beverage? Let’s just say I took a few bottles home with me.

Half Moon Bay: To our great surprise, our family and friends treated us to a night at the Ritz Carlton in HMB to celebrate our one-year anniversary. We spent the weekend riding horses on the beach, drinking chai, and walking along the gorgeous paths along the waterfront at the resort. We left our weekend with hearts (and bellies) full!

Favorite Food

Teahouse in San Francisco: I had the perfect opportunity to try out one of San Francisco’s many tea houses when one of my best friends from Boston came to visit. Amidst a long itinerary was a stop at the Samovar Tea Lounge in the SOMA district. What I loved about this tea lounge was the location and the menu. We sat on their rooftop deck surrounded by the downtown buildings with perfect weather as we sipped on our international tea pairing – we split the Chinese & Russian Pairing, and of course I had to try their Chai Tea. Since my first visit I’ve been back twice!

Russian River Brewing Company: Let me describe the perfect Sunday afternoon for you – taking a gorgeous road trip north of San Francisco, hiking around a lake, playing spikeball with friends, and sipping world class beer. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty ideal to me! And it was. We had Russian River on our bucket list because of one specific beer – Pliny the Elder. Another one of my favorite breweries I’d like to give a shout out to is the 21st Amendment Brewery in SF – visit if you are ever downtown!

We’ve just begun dining our way through our food bucket list, and I can’t wait to expand more on our favorites. To see a running list of where we’ve been so far, click here. 

Favorite Activities

Red Sox VS A’s Baseball Game: Although it is more likely that you would find us at AT&T Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants, we put the Oakland Coliseum on the bucket list this summer – check! Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting 14 different parks, and I was happy to see my home team, the Boston Red Sox, play as I visited my 15th.

Hiking Our Local Trails: One huge plus for us living in the Bay Area is that we are surrounded by mountains that fill our weekend plans with lot’s of hiking! Our favorite hikes to date have been Castle Rock, Fremont Older, Mt. Tam State Park, and Rancho San Antonio. 


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